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KA-101. Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

12.10.2014 – 25.10.2014



Juan Carlos García Lorenzo

IES “Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes”

Avenida de Ramón Ferreiro, s/n, 27002 Lugo,


IES “Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes”

Alexandra Meier

Gymnasium Spaichingen

Sallancher Str. 5, 78549 Spaichingen,


Gymnasium Spaichingen

International Projects Centre. IPC

7 Colleton Crescent. EX2 4DG Exeter, Devon, UK


IPC Exeter 

“CLIL is an educational approach in which various language-supportive methodologies are used which lead to a dual-focused form of instruction where attention is given both to the language and the content:

… achieving this twofold aim calls for a special  approach to teaching in that the non-language subject is not taught in a foreign language but with and through the foreign language.”

Eurydice, 2006:8


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. Language development activities.
. Features and rationale of CLIL.
. Teaching, learning and revising vocabulary.
. Learner training techniques.
. Classroom language / teacher talk.
. Use of websites and resources.
. Speaking and communication skills.
. Phonology.
. British Education system and comparisons.
. Preparation, design and evaluation of materials.
. Planning time for collaborative micro-teaching.
. Giving constructive feedback.
. Practical ideas for the CLIL classroom.
. Assessment in the CLIL classroom.
. Reflective practice.
. A focus on adapting materials and activities introduced during the course for teachers’ own classroom use.

DSC_0031 P

Planning micro-teaching activity: Freddi, Juan and Alex

CLIL lesson on Genetics

DSC_0486 P

Teacher trainer Catherine Pickles

DSC_0029 P
Comfort break and Devon cream tea

DSC_0638 P

A day out with Roger

Imagen 850 P

Boscastle, Cornwall

DSC_0537 PS1 PW

Exeter rooftops

DSC_0477 PS PW

Exeter’s historic quayside

DSC_0510 PW

Mol’s Coffee House, Exeter