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A European learning experience for secondary school pupils

SPAIN-SWEDEN August 2011 – November 2012

You go away for a long time and return a different person – you never come all the way back.

Paul Theroux -Dark Star Safari

Miguel Pedrouzo Ares
Manuel Fernández González
Alba Vázquez López

Xosé Ferreiro Costas
Luis Castañón García-Boente

Elena Martínez Dios
Pablo Álamo Roca

4º ESO

2010 October-November: Consulta y preselección. See attachment below (Galician).

10.11.12:  Friday. 14:15.  Application deadline  –  Fecha límite de presentación de solicitudes.

11.03.17:  Thursday. 17.30. Library. Meeting (parents and students). Biblioteca. Reunión (padres y alumnos).

Late June: Meeting: pupils, parents and teachers.

Our school has been selected by the Spanish National Agency (OAPEE) for the new COMENIUS Individual Pupil Mobility programme – CIPM 2011-12

February, 2011


Madrid. 20 June, 2011

Pre-departure training for outgoing pupils & contact teachers // Jornada Informativa para la Movilidad del Alumnado

In preparation of an individual pupil mobility scheme under the Lifelong Learning Programme (Comenius Sub-programme), the Spanish National Agency OAPEE has organized an informative session for pupils and contact teachers in Madrid on 20 June, 2011.

The new programme will enable seven of our pupils to spend three months at TIBBLE FRISTÅENDE GYMNASIUM, Täby, Sweden, with a grant from the European Union.


Stockholm. 11-12 August, 2011

Kristina Westerberg and the Swedish students organized some perfect days for us in Täby and Stockholm. The weather was sunny after a mighty thunderstorm and the city was full of life and beauty. We visited the Vasa Museum, Skansen, Gamla Stan, and enjoyed a guided visit of the school at Täby. Our hard-working students also started their Swedish lessons with Alice Colomer. Tack tack.


22 August, 2011

Our brave students in Sweden. Smile, learn and be happy! Photos below: Alba Vázquez López


10 September, 2011

Time flies … one month there! Miguel Pedrouzo wants to share these photos with us. Tack tack Miguel.

Tallinn, Estonia

21 September, 2011

Our students have visited Tallinn, the beautiful capital of Estonia, with the students who take part in the annual student exchange and teachers Faustino Martín and Carmen Núñez. Autumn has began. Time to work hard now the weather is changing fast! Miguel Pedrouzo and Pablo Álamo have taken some pictures we can now enjoy. Thanks Miguel and Pablo.



10-24 September, 2011

The annual student exchange with Tibble Gymnasium took place in September. Alejandra Castrillo Arias (2º B-BAC) has sent us these beautiful photographs. Cheers, Alejandra!


28 September, 2011

Our students with their Swedish classmates and teachers. Katarina Fjelkner is the teacher on the left

Photo sent by Luis Castañón (father)


25 October, 2011

The first part of the game is almost over. Try to make the most of it. Soon it will be time to fly south, to fly home. Photos below: Elena Martínez.


3 November, 2011

It’s getting darker and darker up there in the north, in our dear Täby. Next week will be a time of farewells, a time to say goodbye to your newly-made friends and teachers, time to come home. We are looking forward to seeing you again in Lugo! Photo below: Alba Vázquez.

Täby. Jumping at Tibble F Gymnasium

Photographs below sent by Katarina Fjelkner.

Do you think they had a good time at Tibble?



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Learning mobility, i.e. transnational mobility for the purpose of acquiring new skills is one of the fundamental ways in which individuals, particularly young people, can strengthen their future employability as well as their personal development. Studies confirm that learning mobility adds to human capital, as students access new knowledge and develop new linguistic skills and intercultural competences. Furthermore, employers recognise and value these benefits. Europeans who are mobile as young learners are more likely to be mobile as workers later in life. Learning mobility has played an important role in making education and training systems and institutions more open, more European and international, more accessible and efficient.

EU Green Paper on Promoting the Learning Mobility of Young People (Brussels, 2009)